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Welcome to the official website of Free Methodist World Conference! FMWC, as you may be aware, is the apex body of Free Methodist Churches around the world. The Free Methodist Church has its presence in 105 countries.

The following leaders presently serve on World Conference Executive Committee:

Bishop Dr. Joab Lohara (India), President

Bishop Samuel Kayinamura (Rwanda), Vice President

Mr. Bryan Blankenship (USA), Secretary/Treasurer

Bishop David Roller (USA), Executive Member 

Ms. Beryl Kumalo (South Africa), Executive Member

Dr. Junior Noel (Haiti), Executive member




Free Methodist Church is a Methodist Christian denomination within the holiness movement. It is evangelical in nature and has its roots in the Armenian-Wesleyan tradition.

Free Methodist Church was founded in 1860 right before the Civil War in North America. Millions of blacks were bound as slaves. The newly born church took a stand against slavery. The founding members claimed, “Slavery was sin. Therefore all slaves should be free. There should be no discrimination against blacks or the poor or the new immigrants then flooding the country.”

At a time when many churches raised funds by auctioning the best seats to the highest bidders and discriminated against the poor and black people by restricting them to the poorest seating in their sanctuaries, Free Methodists insisted on “free pews” for everyone.

Another important reason why we are called Free is because Jesus gives us the freedom — freedom from sin and guilt, the freedom of the Spirit, freedom to live freely for Jesus in every area.   

Free Methodists exist to maintain the Bible standard of Christianity, and to proclaim the good news of Christ.  We seek to continue the mission of first-century Church which was recovered by John Wesley and the early Methodists who declared they existed “to raise up a holy people.”

B. T. Roberts, Founder of Free Methodist Church, has beautifully laid out the mission of the church – “The church should do what Jesus did: Take the gospel to people who are hurting and oppressed; people with no hope. The gospel is for all, but like Jesus we focus our resources and compassion especially on the poor and the oppressed.

Whenever there is slackness in our missions, or slothfulness in the spirit, we have strong roots to go back to and renew our commitment to the Lord and His mission.

If there is anything you would like to know about Free Methodist Church or the World Conference, please write to the WCEC Secretary Mr. Byan Blankenship at

May the Lord of Glory go before you and cause His face to shine on you! May He be gracious unto you and give you peace!


Bishop Joab Lohara
President                                                                                                                              Free Methodist 
World Conference